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  • 1We believe that music is the greatest, the most powerful, the single most ubiquitous, universal language in the world.
  • 2We believe that the entire world should have access to music on an equal basis, and that the only way to do that is to make the music available for free to the entire world.
  • 3We believe that the greatest music is made by people who commit their life to their art and by the companies that make that art, and that the greatest music and musicians in the world were created one by one, not by the thousands. We believe that the world in turn discovers great artists and music one song at a time.
  • 4We believe that we can empower musicians by making the music they create – their “Masterpieces of Joy”, as Carlos Santana calls all great music – freely available to the entire world without any barriers. We believe that, by giving the music away for free, we will inspire people all over the world to purchase a concert ticket to see our artists live, and that our artists can experience great financial success through this business model.
  • 5We believe that it is simply not enough to give music away for free, but to truly unshackle the music, all music should be made available to the world without any advertising and without the requirement for the provision of personal information. There are several other business models on the digital platform, all imposing barriers to the music. These alternatives are not truly about access to music; they are about advertising and data mining. At there is no quid pro quo. We are all about the music.
  • 6We believe that by making the greatest artists and music available to the world entirely for free, that you – the music lover – will fall in love with our incredibly talented artists and the absolutely magical music they produce, as we have. We are asking you for the privilege of your time to discover our new artists and new music. We do not expect you to want to watch advertising and to want to give up your personal information.
  • 7We believe in the theory, “build it and they will come.” We have built what we believe is the single greatest platform for the discovery of new artists and new music in the entire world. We hope that you agree and that you will support our artists and their music by purchasing a ticket to see them live in concert. is about one singular idea: music, the greatest, the most powerful, the singular most ubiquitous, universal language in the world.

How does it work?

  • Every month We Love Free Music will introduce another top-tier artist into the music scene, releasing their original tracks available for free.
  • Each week, each artist will release 1 new track in their album.
  • We love all music that's why we have a vast range of artists. Check We Love Free Music regularly to discover new artists and new music.

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